Based on our partnership with IEQSA Peru, we offer titanium-zinc sheets and coils for roofing applications, under the brand names VEROZINC VZ® and patina VEROZINC VZ® PRESTIGE.


  • Specific weight: 7,2 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 418 C
  • Chemical composition: Zinc 99,995%; Copper:0,08-1% and Titanum: 0,07 - 0,12%
  • Surface: natural, in approx. 1 year (due to rain and storm) it is formed on the surface a natural patina – zinc-oxid, which assures in fact protection of the material. The material is available in pre-weathered versions: „antique” blue-grey and graphite-grey, on a different price level.
  • Shields against electromagnetic waves

VEROZINC is produced by the company IESQA for over 15 years, as per the specifications of European norm EN 988. It is also approved for the manufacture of pipes and other rainwater accessories by the TIG point-welding method. Important housing complexes, churches, public and private buildings, have been roofed with IEQSA titanium-zinc, with optimum technical and aesthetic results.

Titanium zinc sheets
Titanium zinc coils
Dimensions [mm]
0.70x 670
Dimensions [mm]

Areas of application:

  • Facade claddings
  • Roofing
  • Roof drainage
  • Decreased costs compared to other materials taking into account resistance
  • Reliability , guarantee for 40 years
  • High degree of recycling > 95%
  • High malleability
  • No maintenance needed

Transport/ storage/ mounting:

  • Not allowed transportation with open truck
  • Keep in a dry and cool place
  • Be aware of appropriate ventilation during mounting

La fiecare livrare- Certificatele de calitate sunt atasate, inclusiv cerificatele de inspectie caliativa de la companioa neutra, recunoscuta international, Bureau Veritas.

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