Aluminium box palettes

Aluminium box palettes


  • Homogeneous welded bars
  • When using the mass remains constant
  • Type of load capacity: load divided
  • To electronic reading: equipped with bar code printed on metal
  • Corrosion resistance
  • No maintenance required
  • Surface can be easily cleaned
  • Long life
  • Economic
  • Logistics: can be used multiple times
  • Recyclable material

Construction types:

  • Material: Alloyed Aluminum Profile
  • Links: weld
  • Loading surface: with bars
  • Mode of settlement: on soles or stumps

For special orders please let us know:

  • Sizes
  • Type of bars
  • Smooth or ribbed surface
  • Edge contour
  • Soles or stumps

It can enhance the functionality of other machines:

  • Chassis dynamometer

Using techniques:

  • The box pallets are lifted by forklift or fork lift truck
  • Before lifting it must be checked that the entire surface is on fork truck
  • Avoid putting the box pallets on the front wheels of the lift trucks
  • Soled pallet handling: forklifts, roller surface, roller chassis
  • Logs pallet handling: forklifts or roller chassis
  • Store bunk when not in use