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After becoming the Ideal Ally (The Ideal Ally / Ideal Alloy, in Romanian language Aliatul Ideal meaning both of the previous two expressions) for our partners from different industrial fields, the company earned the position of leader on the Romanian market for non-ferrous semi-finished products’ distribution.

Partners in engineering: starting from the core of our business, we considered that the basic concept is the partnerships with technical experts, especially engineers. The support given to these experts is the key element of our activity, as You can see in our new slogan:Color Metal – Partners in Engineering

Color-Metal offers a large scale of aluminium and copper alloy, titanium-zinc semi-finished products, responding to the needs of metal machining, metal construction companies, also including automotive, food industry, aeronautics, machine building, publicity industry building industry etc. The large products’ list is completed by professional services such as cut-to-size, wrapping, but also technical support.

The new division for architectural solutions for roofing, facades and internal design from copper and titanium-zinc is our new challenge. Classical buildings have been renovated using products from our partners from KME Germany and elZinc (Spain).

Nowadays, the company has an international presence, beside the newly founded branch, the COLOR METAL HUNGARY, we activate also in Serbia and Bulgaria. 

4 Logistic Centers in Romania: Bucharest, Timișoara and Odorheiu-Secuiesc (headquarter, central warehouse and service center for cut-to-size), and Budapest branch

Yearly sales quantity: over 6000 tones
Turnover: over 22 million euro

Average stock: 1500 tones

Number of items: over 2500

20 weekly delivery routes, covering all the regions of Romania.

Individual deliveries for projects and special demands.

We offer personalized services on high quality:

  • Promptitude
  • Diverse and large stocks: various alloys of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titan-zinc with a wide range of standard and special semi-finished non-ferrous materials
  • High quality: certified materials from renown manufacturers
  • Competence: experienced employees specialized in the non-ferrous domain

From defining the precise need for materials, trough warehousing, and just in time deliveries, Color Metal gives you the flexibility your company needs.

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